Good things

Kendrick Lamar: And through your different avenues of success, how would you say you managed to keep a level of sanity?

2pac: By my faith in God, by my faith in the game, and by my faith in "all good things come to those that stay true." You know what I’m saying, and it was happening to me for a reason, you know what I’m saying, I was noticing, shit, I was punching the right buttons and it was happening. So it’s no problem, you know I mean it’s a problem but I’m not finna let them know. I’m finna go straight through.


I’ve let myself down a couple of times. I have also brought myself up from positions where many throw in the towel. I like to think of myself as a guy who does the impossible. I remember falling in love with something Kanye West said when he was working on his last album, Yeezus. Rick Rubin, a hip hop producer asked Kanye West if he would be able to finish the album given he planned to travel yet the deadline was near and he responded:

Connecting Dots ...

In his famous Stanford commencement address, Steve Jobs said something about connecting the dots and how you can only do that after the fact. The first time I heard that, it didn’t shake my thinking; actually I dismissed it offhandedly without putting much thought into it. Not that I didn’t think it wasn’t true nor profound but like most things in life, hands-on experience is often more hard hitting than simple, verbal advice.

Startup Bus Africa 2013!

Yes, I got accepted to attend the inaugural Start up Bus Africa, a 5 day hackathon on wheels from Harare to Cape Town! This event is bringing different kinds of amazing people from all over the world to form groups and work on some amazing ideas during the trip that we will eventually pitch to Richard Branson! 

We are scheduled to pass through Joburg, Bloemfontein, Beaufort Wes to meet and share with other entrepreneurs at all of the hubs along the way.

Sink or swim

Lesson learnt: FIGHT YOUR FEARS! So yesterday I got home after a weekend at my sister's only to realize I didn't have the keys to the apartment. I HAD to get inside the flat though, I had a meeting scheduled for 12 noon. The only way was to get into the flat through a small little window, at the top there (see attached pic) Seemed like the most daring operation, lol growing up I hadn't climbed houses like my peers would possibly confess they so often did.

How to get the most from working at home

“it’s about having a culture and making sure that it’s understood.”

@tafmakura, when discussing about the challenges of telecommuting, being disciplined and making sure one creates an environment they can best work in.

I totally agree.

Success and consistency

Consistency is one of the key things young and budding entrepreneurs are never told enough times is fundamental to long-term, enduring success. In a lot of success talk and teachings people tend to concentrate on qualities that CREATE success, such as a strong desire for something, networking, working hard or smarter, etcetera. Based on experience so far, I can confidently say there’s something very close to what’s sometimes called “Beginner’s luck”. The easy-going, free flow of positive events at the start.

Letting go of your passion

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to stop many of the habits I had taken up in the past two, three years. That meant a lot of coding, consuming entreporn and talking a lot about opportunities we should be exploiting. What triggered this was not that I was feeling burned out, unmotivated or discouraged but I decided to find out what it felt like to live in an inhibited world once again.

A letter to everyone from my 7 year old niece

This little letter was written by my niece, Ruva when she was over for the holiday last year. She's 7 years old and learns at Phoenix Primary School in Malawi. After bugging me to write something to her parents, I decided to let her write a letter I promised to post on my blog.

Copied below is what she had to say:

My name is Ruva Dawn Mukwenha.

Great tech & startup podcasts to listen to

i have recently become an avid podcast collector over the past month or so and I'm clearly enjoying it. Long before downloading podcasts was even considered normal consumption of internet bandwidth, many of my mates were onto downloading a ton of them, daily. I remember just how odd that struck me and I couldn't figure their line of thinking whether they thought the internet would be shut down one day and they'd regret missed opportunities or they were seriously putting them to good use.

What Happened at CultureShift (Part One)

It’s a few days after the two week Culture Shift ideation and hackathon hosted by the British Council, Jumpstart and Culture Code (UK) and for most of us, we are still basking in the afterglow. It was a wonderful event hosted to help local artists mingle with the techies and try to hack together some real solutions to their problems.

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